KSCS, Dallas Hawkeye, Katelyn, and the CEO of Southwest

Often in personality radio, we don’t believe we can get the guest at the center of the story.  So, we end up not trying as a default from this belief and put full weight on the cast to deliver the goods.  Compare doing the break this way, and then imagine a deeper, fuller conversation with the person who can more authentically talk to your topic because they are its focus.  Southwest Airlines is based on Dallas, as you probably know.  What changes is that airline making with Covid-19?  A fair question considering they are one of the country’s major airlines, they have a hub in the market, and many listeners will be using them for summer vacations.  Instead of a break of speculation or reading about it online, Hawkeye in the Morning with Katelyn, KSCS, Dallas, put in for an interview with Southwest CEO, Gary Kelly.  The effort was low for a big payoff, because Gary said yes.  Hear this break, then imagine its opposite – the team just talking about it – and ask yourself:  which is a better break to engage listeners, create talk, and is more memorable?