KSLX, Phoenix Neighborhood Nicknames

Who doesn’t live in a neighborhood where you have nicknames for those who live there?  Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix realized in an unplanned content break that everyone does this.  Like the one resident of someone’s neighborhood who has been deemed, behind her back, as Amazon Woman.  Not due to her size, but because UPS pulls up everyday and offloads several packages from Amazon to her home.  This has become a weekly feature on their program where listeners call and share the nicknames of neighborhood residents, and then the reason they were given them.  The very best content is real life stuff, culled not only from the experiences the cast and listeners have, but the kind of content the average listener might hear and say, “yea, me, too.”  That’s content that is relatable and helps the show remind the audience that they are just like them.