KSLX, Phoenix A Nigerian Prince Visits the White House

When the plot of your show is “smart meets stupid and the funny happens,” the most clever and humorous things appear.  Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix are two observant, funny guys, who lean to the clever.  Several months back, a Nigerian prince visited the White House to see President Trump.  The best shows can take something in the news and reflect their sense of humor in what they do with it.  What’s paramount is being your plot, too.  This is great use of the audio of the president plus the funny part, as done by the show the day after the visit.  And if you think you need a lot of time to do this, note the length of the break – just over two minutes.  Listen to what they strategically got done with this break:  reflected a topic of the day, innovated around it, showcased their take and sense of humor, and did it quickly.