Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix Tiko the Singing Parrot

One of the many ways the internet has come to help shows is to offer up audio of almost anything you’re talking about.  Breaks need another element to keep listeners’ attention.  Often that’s a listener call.  But almost any topic that’s tackled has some kind of audio available online.  Chatting about last night’s big TV show?  Play a piece of audio from it so those listening who didn’t see it feel included.  Then, social media has lots of audio from videos of relevant topics that help sell what you’re doing and create laughter.  Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix found a video of a parrot who can sing along with Led Zepplin songs.  Just the right silliness for a show that plays classic rock music.  Hear how the audio of the parrot helps create the fun.  Bonus points from these guys for the front and back ends of the break.  In the first part, they seamlessly talked about NFL football from the day before and on the back end, there was a tease about the My Pillow guy, taking a break that could have been done anytime, and making it topical, too.  Make sure you use available audio in all of your breaks to help them stay electric.