MIX 104.1, Boston Celebrating Lana

Karson & KennedyYour win is bigger when the audience knows you – and connects with your life and is moved to feel something.  The audience for Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston knows that Karson’s wife, Lana, plays an on-going role in the show (she is quite funny and always puts him in check, which is endearing).  So it was appropriate months ago that they also learned that Lana had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  They have been involved along every step so they can root for both of them.  On Lana’s last day of radiation, she came on the show so all could celebrate the moment.  This could be serious and even one-dimensional without prep.  But this show knows it can play with multiple emotions, especially given their deep history on the station and their significant relationship with their audience.  It’s quite touching and celebratory – but…listen to the mischief Karson and the team introduce to also make it fun with some audio Lana had no idea would be played.  This break is an A+ for all those reasons, and many more.