MIX 104.1, Boston Having Fun With the News

Karson & KennedyWhat’s the purpose of doing a news feature on your show, and where are the wins?  Somewhere in your market is a credible radio news source.  Listeners do not come to you for news.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer an information segment – the wins come in your conversation around the news items of the day.  That dialogue (your take and commentary) defines your character to the audience.  Add in, where appropriate, your sense of humor, and now you’re earning an image critical to success.  If you’re delivering news as a single monologue (“here’s the latest on what happened”), you’re missing an opportunity to get more done for your show, especially considering if listeners really wanted just information, they’d go to the news/talk station or turn on their TV before leaving the house.  Here’s a terrific example of how news should be done on an entertainment-based show by Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston.