MIX 104.1, Boston We Won the World Series

Karson & KennedyWe preach it’s what you do with the topics that make them yours.  That innovation must be fun and must fit your brand so it’s not perceived as a wacky radio bit.  The Red Sox win the World Series and Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston, know this is topic number one the morning after.  Almost the entire program must be about this topic so that, at any point a listener tunes in, they’re on it in some fashion.  Staying in character, a member of the cast, who still lives at home, barged into his parent’s bedroom while drunk to tell them just after the team clinches the win.  The best thing the character does?  He records everything for the show the next morning.  Where many shows in the market would just do phones or play the TV audio to reflect on the topic, these guys did something that not only built the cast member’s character, they had audio to prove it and make me feel like I was in the bedroom with everyone.  What you do with the topics makes you iconic and creates an experience listeners will feel compelled to be around each day out of fear of missing something.