David, Sue, and Kendra Magic 106.7, Boston Getting to Know You

Be strategic about your content messaging and be different from anything else out there and you stand your best chance things will cut through.  We were looking for a fresh way to do character development with David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston.  When doing a standard character development exercise recently, we happened upon some traits the entire team had that were odd (in a good way).  When doing character development, it’s always most efficient when listeners connect with a core attribute they have in common with you (i.e. being a spouse, having kids, liking sports, owning a pet).  But sometimes, it’s the quirkier things which are the stickiest.  Here’s “Getting to Know You”.  Kendra hoards receipts.  She never throws them out.  The audience is told this fact then callers are challenged to guess how many receipts she has in her pocketbook that morning before she reveals the awful total.  I love this take because, while letting the listeners into the lives of the cast (we do this with all three cast members), it’s not your standard tell a story, then ask for phone calls, that makes it work for me.