NASH-FM, Nashville The Mystery Weekend

What you do on the weekend is potentially relatable and interesting to the audience.  Mostly because it’s during the weekend that you do regular stuff just like listeners.  Sometimes how you frame these stories is what draws listeners closer.  Great content and story-telling alone don’t always make the perfect combo (sometimes they do, too).  How you structure the break can provide hooks to intrigue your fans.  Here’s a break done by The Ty Bentli Show, NASH-FM, Nashville centered around Bryan the Web Guy’s weekend.  Bryan did something atypical to his character – he took a champagne bubble bath.  Instead of just telling the story (good), they asked the audience to guess what he did forcing calls and guesses into the start of the break to add energy.  That intrigue factor forced the passive audience (those just there to be entertained) to lean in to hear what he did.  It was so out-of-character for Bryan, that it became a fun story that highlighted the cast’s chemistry as they played around and gave him grief about it.