Power 106, Los Angeles Owning Wiz Khalifa

power106_cruz_500x350There have been some stellar things done by Reynolds Group morning shows in the past several months.  Here’s another.  With core hip artist WIz Khalifa set to debut a new masterpiece, The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles, seizes the moment.  Not only in allowing Wiz to take over the show (where anyone tuning in at any point during the program gets some of Wiz), but in what they did to promote the day.  The video piece at the link below lasts just two-minutes, yet has been seen and shared online 10-million times because it’s so funny.  The team successfully brought two topics together:  Wiz’s new effort and Adele’s hit song “Hello”.  They get Wiz, known for his pot smoking, to do his version of her song, thus garnering lots of eyeballs and laughter.  Creating talk around the topics of the day requires an interesting, humorous, and unique twist.  This one by this great morning show is an A+ all the way around.