Satan Meets His Match

With an interest to do a year-end ad, could have done one that was fact-based – listing the number of people they matched, how many of those couples are still together, and how effective they are at finding that special someone for everyone who joins.

Or they could have done something timelier, funnier, and more relevant.  Which is what they did.

Millions have viewed and shared the Satan ad online.  It begins at the start of the year, where Satan meets his match (her name is “2020”) then revels in what a dumpster fire things have been for everyone.  It’s very funny and memorable.  Its core attribute, though, is its relevance.  Every one of us thinks this was our year, too.  Looking forward, it ends with the tagline:  Make 2021 your year.

I’m always talking with shows about how important it is to be a reflection of whatever is going on right now.  Simply put, if you were to re-air the program your show did today in a few weeks, would it feel old, stale, and out-of-touch for those listening?  If the answer is “yes”, that’s a good sign because it means the content choices today were relevant to listeners’ lives.

This is why’s Satan ad works.  Anyone watching is nodding up and down because this is their life at this moment – we are thinking (and experiencing) it.  The absurdity and humor are the sticky parts to make it memorable.

One of our many strengths as an industry is to reflect back to the audience what is going on in their lives for connection.  When listening to shows, I screen how much of our content feels evergreen and if the topic could be done anytime, by anyone.  Was it something to do just to eat up time?  Or is the show in touch with what’s going on in the world right now and using those topics as content to do fun, interesting, contemporary, and unique things that no one else could do?  That’s relevance.

Sure the ad won’t age well down the road.  But, that’s the point.  That ad makes a connection with the audience (pun intended) and makes you laugh so it’s remembered because it’s about right now.  Affirming those images separates it from all the other dating services and, if you’re looking for love, you join them because they’re top-of-mind.

Doing a great radio show is a strategic process.  Encourage your talent to know the topics happening right now and to swipe right, using them to create relevant and entertaining breaks that makes the show meet the moment.  Visit our Hot List page here for a weekly starter list of those big topics – sign up your talent to get it each Sunday (that’s on the page and it’s free).

Tackling these topics from the talent’s point-of-view defines them.  Then doing epic shit with the Hot Topics creates a vibe where listeners will return each day out of a fear of missing something.  We look for relevance in every brand we interact with.  Your audience does, too.

Doing so makes your talent, their show, the radio station, and our industry matter to the lives of our listeners which means more occasions for higher ratings.