WRAL-FM, Raleigh Bryan Meets Someone Who Hates “It”

When you’re out and have a local experience, it always helps in the telling of your story when you gather audio from those who are having fun with you.  Bryan Lord from Two Men and a Mom, WRAL-FM, Raleigh went to see the “It” sequel the weekend it was released.  His impetus landed on two fronts:  it was a Hot Topic and he has interest in the movie.  Knowing that fewer people would see the movie than not, Bryan looked for audio from others there to help him tell his story on Monday morning – and do so in a way for the vast majority of the audience who hadn’t seen the movie but are aware of the franchise.  He had to look no further than a fellow movie-goer who hated it, didn’t think it was close to the book, and wanted her money back as she left the theater.  Many people would just note this and tell this story.  Bryan talked with her and got all that passion on their show, making me feel like I was in the theater lobby with him.  He also broadened the topic, assuring that I didn’t have to see the movie (or even know much about it) to follow along and be entertained by the break