WRAL, Raleigh The Barry Manilow Birthday Gift

We love when family members (especially funny ones) are included in the show.  They have an immensely humanizing effect on the cast member and are a very efficient way to do character development.  Two Men and a Mom, MIX 101.5 (WRAL-FM), Raleigh leverage family members in a terrific way.  Bryan Lord’s father was having a birthday and is a freak for Barry Manlow (a quirky, memorable trait).  Bryan has a unique relationship with his dad so he purchased and sent from Amazon an autographed Manilow picture, and made his father open the package on-the-air without knowing what’s in it.  They hid the surprise so they’d get a natural reaction, which was followed by a story (a concert memory).  I leave the break getting a glimpse into the fun relationship Bryan has with his father, felt like I was a part of the reveal, and laughed.  Listeners are drawn to humanity and things that are real.  This serves both goals and is memorable and strategic as a result.