WTMX (The Mix 101.9), Chicago Dale the Receptionist

One of the simple ways to easily grow the entertainment quotient of your show is to use the cast of characters around you at the radio station who are not on the show every day.  Letterman taught us this simple approach, and every late night talk show host has done it since.  Find people in the building who are bold, own a perspective or expertise in something, radiate wattage, and are fun (or you can have fun with), and bring them on the show from time-to-time.  Koz and Jen at WTMX (101.9 The MIX), Chicago do this with Dale the Receptionist.  It’s commonly believed that the station receptionist knows all.  So when the show wanted to talk about outdated technology around the building, it was an easy decision to bring Dale on to note all of it and have fun.  Real life characters add easy laughs for the show – you just gotta be on the lookout for them around the building.