106.5 The Arch A Day Without Women

This past week we celebrated International Women’s Day.  Many people asked us to imagine a day without women.  Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5 The Arch, St. Louis did just that, with this produced piece which actually mocks men.  There are a few takeaways from this show clip:  first, don’t ever believe it takes forever to entertain the audience.  This show is impressively efficient with its time.  They respect the audience by setting things up quickly (but organically) as you’ll hear and then getting to the funny fast.  When you do this, you reposition your competitors for those who cross cume stations as slow.  The other item to note is that talking about the topic is certainly fine, but when you have a game plan to entertain the audience with the topic, as the produced part of this break proves, you make it stickier, which helps the audience remember you and want to come back out of a fear of missing something.