106.5 The Arch – Happy Father’s Day

spencersneighborhood_500x350Here are two examples of taking one Hot Topic and doing two very distinctly different things with it.  Having a broad range of creative ideas that resonate and entertain the audience around the highest equity topics of the day is important to keeping your show relatable and accessible.  With Father’s Day upon us, Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5 The Arch, St. Louis, did two separate breaks that had a strategic goal of defining a cast member and entertaining the audience.  The only parent on the show is Brando.  In one break, Brando is “interviewed for the position of father” by one of his kids (questions written by the team).  It is so cute and warm, it might melt your heart if you’re a parent.  In the other, Spencer talks with his father about their relationship (very touching and intimate), defining him as a son and not as a morning show host.  Both are below and both are excellent.