106.5 The Arch, St. Louis Brando Does Holiday Decorating

The audience requires us to build out breaks so they sparkle.  Oftentimes when telling a personal story, it’s no more difficult than getting audio of the experience to help tell it.  Brando, inside Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5, The Arch, St. Louis, did his usual holiday decorating, which meant getting on the roof to string some lights.  Not content with just telling the story, the team got Brando’s wife on to add some drama and tension to it – Alex’s take on his efforts adds to the narrative.  Also, always worried he’d fall off the roof, Brando recorded telling his daughter how to call 911 before he got on the ladder, which added more audio to the break.  These moving parts positioned the break in truly HD quality, helping the audience see everything in their head so they could more easily imagine where he was and what it was like.  This, in turn, made the break even more entertaining.  Side note – this show does an amazing job getting to things, commencing with the storytelling quickly, and wrapping the break up before the audience bores.  This happens because they have a game plan – no wasted moments respects the audience’s time and they’re rewarded with additional listens because of it.