Free Idea for July 27, 2009

“Dirty Little Secrets” is where each member of the show writes a secret about their life and places it in a hat. It’d be things like: this show member had liposuction last month, this show member is unhappy in their marriage, this show member just bought a relative a car for their birthday, this show member contracted crabs while in college, this show member cries at the end of chick flics.  The secret is read and listeners must figure out who on the show it applies to.  This is a great character building bit, because it reveals your talent by making them vulnerable.

Rachel Giordano, Producer, Mojo in the Morning, Channel 95.5, Detroit

“It’s an honor to write this because I don’t often tell you how valuable your friendship AND your professional guidance means to me.”

Kennedy, Co-Host, Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston

“My experience with Steve has been nothing short of amazing.  As a brand new show in a market bigger than I ever thought I would work in, Steve was able to give us the tools and the understanding to launch the show in the best possible light.  In this PPM world, expectations have changed, and Steve is right there to help you decipher that which is and that which is not important and simply allow you to do good radio.  Steve has become not only our first call when we are in need of an ear, but someone I consider a friend.  We have an open line of communication and he is the first to jump in if we need a mediatior.  He is the cooler head that prevails, the wiser man who can help you when you are at an impasse with a PD and need a third opinion, and always the guy in your corner.  Simply put, without Steve, I don’t believe we would be 1/8th as successful in our first 7 months as we are now.”

Steve Kramer, The Kramer Show, KMLE, Phoenix

I’ve always said that Steve Reynolds is one of the great minds in morning radio.  A good show has to be funny and compelling, but a GREAT show has to be that, plus have a strategic plan on how to win – a plan that Steve is able to help your team achieve.  He’ll make you think, he’ll make you stronger as a team, and you’ll never go into a morning show battle unequipped with Steve Reynolds on your team!

Karson, Co-Host, Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston

“Each morning on the radio with the Karson & Kennedy program is about ‘Real Life, Real Friends & Real Fun.’ Steve Reynolds from The Reynolds Group helped us build that brand and turn our vision of a compelling show into ratings success. Plus, he likes dogs.”

Kyle Smelser, WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC

“I look at Steve as a friend first, consultant second. Steve isn’t just there for you once a week, but rather 24/7 trying to help you grow as a person which in turn grows the show. From the day we went on the air, Steve has been by our side helping create effective strategy and content that has allowed our show to blossom daily. He’s the compass that keeps your show pointing north instead of south.”

Cindy Simmons, Cindy & Jimmy, Star 94, Atlanta

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!” and that’s exactly what Steve Reynolds has done for me and our morning show! His creativity, honest feedback and fresh perspective never ceases to amaze me. His heart is as big as his ideas and I am lucky to have a ten year relationship with him.

Rachel Bogle, Indianapolis

“Steve has helped us tremendously as a morning team: by helping us cultivate our strengths and highlight our personalities in a way that helps us really touch our audience and allow them to get to know us on a very real and personal level. He has always challenged us to expand our thinking into how we can always be bigger, better, and different in a way that is uniquely ours, while always keeping us true to ourselves and our audience.”

Tracy Dixon, KYGO, Denver

“With creative personalities coming together to create a show, we have found Steve to be a brilliant director in how to make each of us shine. Absolutely could not do the type of show we do without his guidance. Our time working together with Steve have been the most beneficial to our morning radio career bar none!”

Michelle Marcomb, Rockford, IL

“Being new to the on-air side of things, I had never worked with a consultant before but was aware of the reputation that some had in our building. Once I started to work with Steve, I realized that what I had heard earlier didn’t apply to him. He not only gives me great ideas but helps me work through any stumbling blocks that I may have. I consider myself very lucky to have him in my corner.”