Kennedy, Co-Host, Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston

“My experience with Steve has been nothing short of amazing.  As a brand new show in a market bigger than I ever thought I would work in, Steve was able to give us the tools and the understanding to launch the show in the best possible light.  In this PPM world, expectations have changed, and Steve is right there to help you decipher that which is and that which is not important and simply allow you to do good radio.  Steve has become not only our first call when we are in need of an ear, but someone I consider a friend.  We have an open line of communication and he is the first to jump in if we need a mediatior.  He is the cooler head that prevails, the wiser man who can help you when you are at an impasse with a PD and need a third opinion, and always the guy in your corner.  Simply put, without Steve, I don’t believe we would be 1/8th as successful in our first 7 months as we are now.”