Spike, Co-Host, Mojo in the Morning, Channel 95.5, Detroit

“I refer to Steve Reynolds as the sixth member of our show because of his valued input and continued coaching.  Sometimes we are too close to a topic and it’s Steve’s fresh perspective that helps us to spin an idea on its head and make it even bigger on the air.  Steve has been key in developing new members of our show and encouraging innovation in those of us who have been hosting this show for a decade.  I directly attribute the success and growth of Mojo In The Morning to the work Steve has done with us.  In a PPM world, he moves the needle!”

Free Idea for August 24, 2009

Here’s a great character development bit called “Confessions of your Ex’s”. Each show member finds a former partner – they come on and admit something on the air about the show member. It’s vulnerable, revealing, and story-telling in a way that’ll define each person on the show and make them memorable!

Pete McKenzie, Co-Host, Karlson & McKenzie, WZLX, Boston

“Steve and The Reynolds Group have helped inspire our show to grow into a cast of well branded members who have become familiar to the audience like a long-time (and well-liked!) next door neighbor.  When you throw an idea at Steve, it’s not going to just stick to the wall, it’s going to come back at you tweaked up and ready for compelling morning radio.”

Free Idea for August 17, 2009

Mid-August means back to school. How about identifying the station’s three biggest zip codes. Then, solicit for one mom in each of the zip codes who’ll come on the air once a week until school starts to tell you about the great deals she found on back to school items for her kids! The key here is to find fun moms who’ll help connect with the audience and create fun while detailing the deals she’s found.

Tiffany Hill, Tiffany & Michael, B101-FM, Philadelphia”

“With Steve Reynolds we’re improving our ratings in the PPM world.  Steve is constantly showing us new ways of approaching hot topics and personal stories that keeps the content sounding extremely fresh and always entertaining.  With Steve’s concrete ideas, I’m often saying ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’  Easy… there’s only one Steve Reynolds.  He understands more than anyone what needs to be done to win with a new ratings system.  I’m thankful every day that Steve works with us and not our competition.”

Robbie Gramm, Former Audio Guy, Mojo in the Morning, Channel 95.5, Detroit

“Some look at a situation head-on, while others look at it from the side. Steve has an approach, it is look at it over-head. An objective, talented, intelligent approachable that you’ll soon leaving you wondering how you ever got a long without him.  It’s like going to drivers’ ed for the first time, 10 years after you started driving.”

Free Idea for August 9, 2009

This one is edgy! It’s called “Perp For Poetry”. Seems like all relationship-building happens now online.  The female of your show posts a personal ad in a room of another city than the one you’re in on Craigslist.  The ad states that your female is bored in her relationship and is looking for something discreet and quiet on the side. But, she says she’s not looking for a quickie as she is a romantic. In fact, to woo her, she asks any guy who’s also interested to write her some poetry to prove it.  Post the ad in an unidentified city (so you’re not ratted out by listeners) on a Monday. Then read all the poetry you get on Friday’s show as it gathers during the week.

Free Idea for August 3, 2009

Here’s a new, recurring feature called “Mani/Pedi Theater”. Shows like to play clips from movies where listeners must guess the flic to win. It’s simple and, in PPM, it works. But something which is more fun, is to grab the script online of a famous scene from a famous movie and have it acted out by two of the people who work at a nail salon. Then listeners have to guess. The fun comes in how they act out the scene and in the production value you place against it.

Cliff Dumas, Host, Cliff & Company, KSON, San Diego

“Steve has been more than a coach for our morning shown he’s been mentor, fan and friend and an important team member responsible for our years of success!”