Mojo’s Listeners Make Fun of Oprah

Mojo in the MorningOprah decides to retire her TV show and it’s time for some laughter.  The one thing most make fun of is how over-the-top Oprah is when introducing a celebrity on her program.  Enter Mojo in the Morning at Channel 95.5, Detroit, who asked his listeners to mock Oprah introducing a B-list celebrity of their choice on to her show.

Audio: Julian Calls His Mom at Thanksgiving

J & JulianThe thesis of the J and Julian Show on B96, Chicago is our multiculturalism.  This is the aspect we play up big time.  On a show with a distinctive African American, Asian, and Anglo perspective, we really reflect the vibe of the city.  So it makes sense for Julian to call his Asian mother to tell her he’s bringing his Afrian American friend (J) home for Thanksgiving.  Julian is his mom’s son!  Listen to the fun and strategic character development happening.

Audio: B101 – Michael Gets Thanksgiving Chores from Nancy

Tiffany & MichaelThe holidays are here.  Which means every husband will get his list of things that must be done around the house to prepare for visitors.  At B101, Philadelphia, Michael Chew is the average husband (and we say that affectionally!).  As the new cast member of the Tiffany and Michael morning show, our short term goal is to burnish Michael’s credentials as a married guy.  That’s why they put his wife, Nancy, on to detail the list of those things around the house which need to be done.  Listen as Michael shifts to “husband mode” as he reacts to her lengthy to-do list!

Free Idea: Thanksgiving Chores

With the holidays upon us, a simple, but very effective character building bit is for the male co-host of the show to put his wife on the air so she can detail his list of things that need to be done around the house for the holidays.   From cleaning to fixing things to anything else that needs to be done to prepare for visitors, this easy bit will position your guy as a regular Joe, who gets the same marching orders from his wife that listeners do.  This, then, can morph into calls from female listeners who’ll detail the list they have for their guy.  And you can be bold – find the guy of a female caller and obligate him publicly to the list, even checking back in a few days to see how he’s done.  It’s real, and it’s real fun to eavesdrop on this kind of idea.

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Planet Reynolds: Managing Your Talent – The Three C’s

Planet Reynolds: Managing Your Talent – The Three C’s

McKenzie’s Having a Baby!

The Scotty ShowGreat radio is real.  It comes from the talent letting listeners into their lives.  Listen to this perfectly executed break as McKenzie lets the rest of the team know that she’s expecting a baby on The Scotty Show on Radio Now, Indianapolis.


Cliff & BrooksAnyone can do a Hollywood Report.  But only Bill Tanner, on Cliff and Company on KSON, San Diego, can do one that rhymes.  This strong, hourly benchmark draws in extra cume because it’s content is relevant and fun to listen to!

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