Mojo: The Spelling Bees

Mojo in the Morning at Channel 95.5, Detroit recently had a great pair of concert tickets to give out.  It’s not the prize, but the way you do it that captures listenership.  They decided to do “Mojo’s Spelling Bees”.  The listener, vying for the prize, sat in a car with the windows rolled up. The listener then had to correctly spell five words to win.  The curveball?  For every word he misspelled, a beekeeper in the backseat released a dozen bees into the car!  Disclaimer:  if you like this idea, it’s best to check with management to make sure you’re legal and have all your bases covered!

Nick Calls an Ugly Texter

Rollin' With Nick CannonEvery morning show has received an ugly e-mail or text from a listener.  Listen as Nick Cannon on 92.3 NOW, New York City completely disarms one of them by calling her to talk about the sent text!  Listen as he both surprises her with the call and wins her over, making her an even more loyal listener to the show.

Hot List June 14

World Cup
Father’s Day
Oil spill
Arkansas floods
Karate Kid
Summer travel
Sarah Palin’s boobs
Gary Coleman
Spirit Airlines
Blago trial
NBA Finals
Joran van der Sloot
Jodie Foster
OJ Simpson
iPhone 4
Kevin Costner
June weddings
Anita Baker
Charlie Sheen
The Queen of England

RSMS Prank Call (Breast Milk)

The Rickey Smiley Morning ShowThe Prank Phone Call is one of radio’s strongest benchmarks.  Here’s Rickey Smiley whipping a listener who’d just had a baby into a frenzy by calling as a nurse at a hospital to say liquor was found in her breast milk.

Call the Valedictorian

With high school graduations about to wrap up, each member of the morning show can call their high school to find out where they placed in the graduation rank.  It’d certainly be fun to hear how average (or smart) everyone was.  The other thing is for each cast member to locate their high school valedictorian (easiest thru Facebook) and invite them on the show to see if they ended up in a professional worthy of the accolade or if they’re now managing a Ben and Jerry’s.

I Love You Man

Nothing may be more uncomfortable for a guy than to hear that a fellow male friend loves him. How do you react to that?  Here’s quick game if you have a prize to give out called “I Love You, Man.”  A male listener comes on and you conference call one of his guy friends.  Without the listener saying he’s on the show playing a game, he has 30 seconds to get his friend to say “I love you” back to him.

Hot List June 7, 2010

Oil spill
Sandra Bullock
Al & Tipper Gore
Joran van der Sloot
The Dog Whisperer
Rush Limbaugh
Mariah Carey
NBA Finals
French Open
Gary Coleman
MTV Movie Awards
Paul McCartney
June weddings
John Wooden
Charlie Sheen
Shrek glasses
Sarah Ferguson
Lindsay Lohan
Heidi & Spencer
Miley Cyrus
Summer travel

WBMX Lady/Brady Phones

Karson & KennedyAt MIX 104.1, Boston, we had a very unique prize – the chance to play football with Patriots quarterback and local hunk, Tom Brady.  We did “Dress Like a Lady to Play With Tom Brady” where guys had to dress in drag to win.  The goal of a show is to be real, tell stories, be innovative, and create fun.  Here is a prime example on Karson & Kennedy of how we involved listeners in this very unique idea.