Hot List Sept 20

New fall TV season
Wall Street (the movie)
College football
The Pope
Lindsay Lohan
Dancing With the Stars
Bristol Palin
Larry King Live
Tea Party
Continental-United merger
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The Meat Suit

With Lady GaGa having donned a meat suit at the VMAs, how about dressing someone from the show in just a swimsuit, lathering them up in meat juice, laying them down in a pen at the local animal shelter, and then letting in a bunch of dogs?  The dogs will start licking and the person from the show will start laughing!  If it works out, hilarity will ensue and you’ll have a segment listeners will walk away talking about!

Jimmy Baron’s Tix Sale Goes Wrong

Jimmy & YvonneJimmy Baron (from Jimmy and Yvonne, who do mornings on DAVE-FM, Atlanta) decided to sell some tickets he’d purchased to another employee at the station.  Not looking to for anything other than face value, listen as Jimmy tells the story of about how the money he was given came up short, followed by an on-air “discussion” with the person he sold the tickets to. These kinds of honest, unfolding conversations on-the-air are great character building and riveting for listeners to hear because they are relatable and unpredictable.

Hot List Sept 13, 2010

Koran burning
Taylor Swift
Kanye West
College Football
Bristol Palin
Jersey Shore
Ellen DeGeneres
US Open
Aretha Franklin
Kate Gosselin

MOJO “Bitter Ex Poker”

Mojo in the MorningWomen went on in pairs of twos on Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit.  The team judged which of the two had a better “hand” in this game of “Bitter Ex Poker” when they told a story about how they were wronged by a former boyfriend.  It’s another way to do relationships-oriented content.

Adopt a Team

With this the start of high school and middle school football, it might be great for each member of the show to adopt a high school or middle school (preferably in a hot zip code area) and track its progress all season.  You don’t have to target teens to make this viable (as you can do it to appeal to parents, too).  Ask listeners who you should choose, let there be web voting, ultimately grabbing one in an area of your metro you do well in.  Then, follow the team all season, have players and coaches on, and appear at their big rivalry game.  You’ll accentuate your “local” images, make stars of the team, and be rewarded with more listening by all.

Hot List Sept 6, 2010

Labor Day
Short Work Week
Back to School
US Open
College Football
Bristol Palin
Kanye West
Michael Douglas
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Pray for Wins

If you have a major football team in your area (NFL or college), why not do on each Friday morning what they do in the locker room before the game?  Pray to win!  Find a nun (by either soliciting on-air or by asking on your Facebook site) who’ll come on each Friday morning and say a prayer that your local team wins each week.  There are two keys here:  you must find a nun who likes football and you must play it straight.  The goal is to spice up the show with something unpredictable (a nun praying for a football game) and not to get into religion or make fun of her on the show!

B101 Misery Index

Tiffany & MichaelBack over the summer when it was incredibly hot in the northeast, there was an air conditioner war going on in the home of Tiffany Hill, from the Tiffany and Michael Show at B101, Philadelphia.  Tiffany’s husband, David, liked it set at 60, she liked it set at 68.  How to resolve this?  By the use of trivia, of course.  In this audio segment, Tiffany turned the air conditioning down one degree for every heat-related trivia question David got right.  This one’s fun!