Scotty Makes Fun of Oprah’s Favorite Things

The Scotty ShowSometimes the best fun is the silliest fun.  Here’s The Scotty Show at Radio Now, Indianapolis opening the phones to have listeners make fun of Oprah’s favorite things episode!

RSMS Gary’s Father Passes

The Rickey Smiley Morning ShowNothing is more powerful than when a talent reveals themselves.  Listen here, on their first show back after Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago, when a member of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show shares with the audience that his father passed away the morning of the holiday.  This is so raw, so real, so touching, and so honest.  It’s also the foundation for immense loyalty with the audience because it lets them in and makes them feel like they know you.

Hot List Dec 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal
Holiday Travel and Time Off
Santa Tracker
Little Fockers
College Bowl Games
Tony Romo
Mariah Carey
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The SkyMall Wedding Gift

A fun running bit you can do throughout 2011 is The SkyMall Wedding Gift.  The oddest, dumbest things are sold in SkyMall.  As celebrities get married through the year, buy a wedding gift on behalf of your listeners from SkyMall.  It can start by opening the phones for listener suggestions from the catalog (or they can choose a page and you look at the odd items for purchase on that page).  The next step would be to call SkyMall’s 800-number to find out about the item.  You then purchase and send it as a wedding gift to the happy celebrity couple!

Hot List Dec 12, 2010

Christmas Shopping
Winter Weather/Metrodome
Holiday Parties
Bernie Madoff
Johnny Depp
Cam Newton
Angry Birds
Miley Cyrus
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“Twas The Night Before Christmas”

An idea for a theme show before you take your holiday break is to ask listeners to help you re-write the famous poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  Only you twist it (and make it local) by offering up the second line, which will push listeners in a different direction.  For instance, you offer:  “‘Twas the night before Christmas and on [Action News Ten]…”  Then ask listeners to call in with the next line (of course it must rhyme with the word “ten”).  Record that line, share with listeners what you’ve built, then ask for the next line, always choosing the funniest one that’ll help tell a story.  Make sure to share what you have built on-the-air with every addition so you get that next great line and intrigue people to the final product.  Point people to the end of the show when you debut the fully re-written poem, which ends up being fun and about something in your town.

Nick Cannon Calls His Grandmother at Christmas

Rollin' With Nick CannonThere is always a strategic benefit to putting a relative on your show because you become a kid.  Here’s 92.3 NOW, New York’s Nick Cannon calling his grandmother to talk about Christmas.  Listen as Nick gets redefined from being a super-celebrity to just being someone’s grandson.  It’s not only cute, fun radio, it serves a purpose to defining his regular-guy character, too.

WZLX Scared Straight Santa

Karlson & McKenzieKarlson & McKenzie at WZLX, Boston do a fun feature every Christmas called “Scared Straight Santa”.  A distraight parent calls the guys to tell them about a misbehaving kid.  Pete McKenzie then calls the kid as Santa to create a little mayhem and to have one of those honest conversations to get the kid to promsie to behave or there will be no presents this year.  Here are a couple of calls.  Normally this is to young kids for the “cute factor”, but one is to a 19-year old who wanted to do nothing but curse with Santa on the line):

Julian Calls Butterball Hotline

J & JulianWhat could be more fun during the holidays than calling the Butterball Turkey Hotline to ask some silly questions to see how they’ll react?  That’s what J & Julian from B96, Chicago did!

Jessica Simpson or Homer Simpson

With Jessica Simpson making the rounds, Karson & Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston did a simple, fun game called “Jessica Simpson or Homer Simpson”.  They read a sentence uttered by either Jessica or Homer to the listener, who had to guess who said it.  Three of five right and they won a prize.  They had supporting audio of everything to prove who said the sentence, which is what made it funny.  Oddly enough, each sentence they chose could have been said by either person!