“Twas The Night Before Christmas”

An idea for a theme show before you take your holiday break is to ask listeners to help you re-write the famous poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  Only you twist it (and make it local) by offering up the second line, which will push listeners in a different direction.  For instance, you offer:  “‘Twas the night before Christmas and on [Action News Ten]…”  Then ask listeners to call in with the next line (of course it must rhyme with the word “ten”).  Record that line, share with listeners what you’ve built, then ask for the next line, always choosing the funniest one that’ll help tell a story.  Make sure to share what you have built on-the-air with every addition so you get that next great line and intrigue people to the final product.  Point people to the end of the show when you debut the fully re-written poem, which ends up being fun and about something in your town.