Hot List Jan 31, 2011

The Super Bowl
Charlie Sheen
American Idol
The Flu
Groundhog Day
Saturday Night Live
Gas Prices
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Philadelphia Idle

Here’s a feature that plays off of American Idol, with a slight change in spelling.  On occasion through the run of the program, do “(Your City) Idle”.  This is a simple phone topic done in your prime time rush hour where you ask listeners to call and tell you where they’re sitting in traffic. It’s really local and will get exasperated listeners on who are living the morning routine, waiting at red lights or in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeways!

Mom I’m Having an Affair With Tom

Karson & KennedyWhen the New England Patriots were still in the NFL playoffs, we knew we needed to tie into this topic but as a female-targeted morning show, Karson & Kennedy, on MIX 104.1, Boston, knew it couldn’t talk pure sports.  That’s why they came up with this fun feature called “Mom, I’m Having an Affair with Tom.”  One female listener, calling her mother on the other line, had to convince her she was having an affair Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Hot List Jan 23, 2011

The Super Bowl
State of the Union Speech
Oscar Nominations
American Idol
Hu State Dinner
Oprah’s Family Secret
Ricky Gervais
MTV’s Skins
Jersey Shore
True Grit
Winter X Games
Gas Prices
The Flu
Gabrielle Giffords
Verizon’s iPhone
Bath Salts
Kelsey Grammer
George Clooney
Keith Olbermann
Australian Open
Roger Ebert
Prince William

Text Your Ex

The most universal content topic is relationships.  There are many kinds of them and they’re relatable to everyone.  Here’s a new feature called “Text Your Ex”.  Ask listeners to put together a text they want to send to a ex to tell them what they really think about them, but have the listener send it to you instead!  Find someone with a British accent and put really classy music under it as the most vitriolic are read on the air!

Bud Light Bev

Karson & KennedyAnyone can do American Idol updates, most people talk to the kicked off contestants, but only one show can do “Bud Light Bev”.  Bev is a listener to Karson & Kennedy on MIX 104.1, Boston. She calls in a lot and she’s always drunk.  So, they built an American Idol game around her.  Go grab a Bud Light and enjoy!

Hot List Jan 17, 2011

Golden Globes
NFL Playoffs
American Idol
Miss America
Verizon’s iPhone
Gabrielle Giffords
Jersey Shore
Gas Prices
Miracle on Hudson Anniversary
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Healthcare Repeal
Cuba Travel
David Beckham
Dr. Conrad Murray
Ted Williams
Aretha Franklin
Winter X Games

The Pete Carroll Carol

Candy + PotterThe Seahawks had a great season in the NFL, even beating reigning Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints.  To help celebrate, Candy & Potter, on KMPS, Seattle decided to put together, with listeners help, a Pete Carroll Carol.  Just off of Christmas, they re-wrote “The 12 Days of Christmas” as an ode to celebrate the team and coach who took them further than anyone expected (theirs is called “The 12 Days of Seahawks”).  I always ask shows what they are doing with local topics others in the market aren’t.  This is a great example of one that scored on every level.

We’ll Help You Sell It On CL

How about trying a new idea called “We’ll Help You Sell It On Craigslist”?  No doubt people have lots of junk to sell in their home for extra cash.  One place they do this is on Craigslist. Ever read the ads on that site?  They’re banal, boring, and don’t stand out.  Here’s a chance to use your team’s creativity.  Have a listener call with the item they want to sell.  Take a break, then write an ad that sparkles and captures people’s attention.  Debut the ad for the item on the show with your caller.  A trick:  sex sells everything.  So regardless of the item, figure out a way to include nudity or sex in it and listeners will laugh!

B96 Perez is on

J & JulianOne of the chief responsibilities of a show is to generate content no other show in the market can.  Perez Hilton does a daily celebrity update on J & Julian’s show on B96, Chicago (now #1 P18-34!!).  Perez could certainly rattle off all the latest Hollywood gossip with great credibility.  But listen as this report lights up when the morning team gets Perez to talk about trying to find a partner on!  That’s something no one else did that morning and led to other organic ideas which positioned the show as relevant, unique, and fun.