The Supreme Court of Grandmothers

Morning shows always have these silly dilemmas listeners like to chime in on.  Recently, instead of buying new ones, I took the batteries out of a hotel room TV remote because those in my portable radio went dead.  Did I steal?  These frivolous scenarios have a place on morning shows.  At B101, Philadelphia, we’ve decided to put together a new feature to deal with these called “The Supreme Court of Grandmas”.  We’re going to find a bunch of very opinionated grandmothers, who’ll be our Supreme Court and when we have these, and they’ll rule on them before we go to the phones.

WBEB’s Mantervention

Tiffany & MichaelA guy friend of newsman Bill Tafrow is being “domesticated” by his fiance.  His buddy’s walls have been painted peach and he’s upset about that.  Which is why Michael and Tiffany, B101, Philadelphia’s morning show, decided to have a “mantervention”.  They called Bill’s friend so Bill could confront him about how he’s changed. The first break below is the “mantervention”. The second is the fiance calling to defend herself.

Hot List June 27, 2011

Gay Marriage
Casey Anthony Trial
Tom Hanks
Summer Vacations
Sarah Palin Movie
Neil Patrick Harris
College World Series
NFL Lockout
Michael Jackson
Harry Potter
Peter Falk
Cars 2
Jerry Lewis

Weiner of Li’l Wayne

The guys at Radio Now, Indianapolis did a fun thing with the Anthony Weiner texts.  They had their stodgy 60-year old receptionist read some of the more “interesting” ones.  They also recorded her reading some lyrics from L’il Wayne songs in a game called “Weiner or L’il Wayne” where the listener had to identify if what was being read was from the Weiner texts or a L’il Wayne song.

Hot LIst June 20, 2011

Father’s Day
Clarence Clemons
United Airlines
US Open
Miss USA Pageant
Anthony Weiner
Bristol Palin
College World Series
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Karson Calls the Cops Over Facebook

Karson & KennedyHere is a terrific break showing how to do character development.  Karson, from Karson & Kennedy on MIX 104.1, Boston, had to call the cops because his daughter was getting harassed on Facebook.  Character stories must have three elements:  the ability for listeners to see themselves in the story, a bold point of conflict, and strong emotions connected with the story.  This had all three.

Getting Oprah the Day Off

Jimmy & YvonneA couple of weeks ago when Oprah was going off TV, Jimmy and Yvonne at DAVE-FM, Atlanta decided to find a guy listener who wanted to watch Oprah’s last show live instead of from his DVR later that evening.  So they called the guy’s female boss to get him out of work early that do.  Very quirky and creative.

Touch Spike’s Junk

Got a really nice prize to give out and no way to do it?  Here’s a naughty sounding idea that’ll capture listeners imaginations.  Take the edgiest person on the show and do “Touch (Cast Member’s) Junk”.  You qualify people to come into the studio.  Then, put the prize in an unused pair of pants.  Blindfolded, listeners get to put their hands in the pants and touch the junk (the prize).  If they guess it, they get it.  If the prize is too big, put something else in the pants – first to guess what that is gets the nicer prize!

Hot List June 13, 2011

Anthony Weiner
Father’s Day
Tracy Morgan
Sarah Palin E-mails
NBA Finals
Kim Kardashian
Tony Awards
Lunar Eclipse
Arizona Fires
Shaquille O’Neal
Lupe Fiasco

WZLX Death Row Inmate Game

Karlson & McKenzieHere’s a fun and dark way to involve listeners in the upcoming execution of an inmate that might work on a male-targeted morning show.  It’s called the Death Row Inmate Game. Karslon & McKenzie at WZLX, Boston describe the inmate and give listeners a shot at guessing an item in his last meal to win a prize.  The approach adds dimension and emotion to the conversation and builds anticipation to hear the actual meal he’s chosen as his last.