Hot List Sept 26, 2011

Brad Pitt
New Fall TV Season
Dancing With the Stars
The X Factor
Satellite Crashes to Earth
College Football
Bristol Palin
Alec Baldwin
Queen’s “Somebody to Love”
American Hikers Freed
Conrad Murray Trial
Taylor Lautner
The New Facebook
iPhone 5
Kim Delaney
All My Children
Charlie Sheen
Morgan Freeman
Wanda Sykes
Amanda Knox

Let Me Meet Your In-Laws!

“Let Me Meet Your In-Laws” is a new feature we’ve added to Karlson & McKenzie, WZLX, Boston. Kevin Karlson is always putting his mother-in-law on (she’s very entertaining) so we’re now asking listeners to introduce us to their in-laws, believing we’ll meet some real characters.

KVIL “Gene at the DMV”

Gene & JulieShows have a couple of different ways to share experiences they have in they market.  They can talk about them and they can bring me there as a listener.  Here’s a segment of Gene and Julie, KVIL, Dallas. Gene went to the DMV to get his license renewed.  He brought a recorder to gather audio of the experience and all of a sudden, this break has more energy, comes more alive, and is more fun to listen to because of how he used it in the break.

Brad Pitt or Pit Stop

Karson and Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston came up with a very simple game to play with the new Brad Pitt movie, Moneyball, coming out this weekend.  It’s called “Brad Pitt or Pit Stop”.  Correctly tell them if the name they give you is a character Brad Pitt played in a movie or a NASCAR driver and you win.  Add in a fun production value and you have an easy, fun topical game!

Dancing With the Stunt

Karson and Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston are doing an interesting thing to tie into this new season of “Dancing With the Stars”.  It’s called “Dancing With the Stunts”.  They’ve put a different stunt into an envelope marked with a contestant’s name.  The morning after that celebrity is eliminated, they open the envelope and the producer must perform the stunt inside.

Hot List Sept 19, 2011

The Emmys
Jane Lynch
Brad Pitt
X Factor
College Football
Charlie Sheen
Dancing With the Stars
Reno Air Show
Chaz Bono
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Sarah Palin Book
Ryan Gosling
Mayweather vs. Ortiz
iPhone 5
Post Office
Ron Paul

Let’s Meet the Lunch Ladies!

Let’s Meet The Lunch Lady!  Get the schools in the hot zip codes for the radio station and let’s make stars out of the lunch ladies in the kitchens of the grammar schools!  You’ll create a buzz inside that school (and with the parents).

WNOU “Garrett the Porn Star”

Kyle & RachelEver meet a porn star?  Kyle, from Kyle & Rachel on Radio Now, Indianapolis, went out for drinks with friends one evening and ran into one.  Instead of just talking about it on the show or doing a simple phone topic, they took it a step further.  They put the guy on and let listeners ask yes/no questions before taking a guess at the unique thing the guy did for a living.  This made the break vicarious, interactive, gave them more to create fun with, and built to an “oh wow” at the end when it was finally correctly guessed.

Seduce Us or Insult Us

This a fun idea that’ll put a real international feel on the show.  Invite listeners who speak other languages fluently to call.  The listener gets to choose a cast member and, in another language, either say something that is seducing them or insulting them.  The rest of the show has to guess which one it is before the listener translates what was said.  Thanks to Kyle and Rachel, Radio Now, Indianapolis for this one.

Did They Say “I Do”?

Listeners like to play along with games on morning shows.  Games are vicarious and help wake listeners up. Karson and Kennedy, at MIX 104.1, Boston, came up with a fun, easy game called “Did They Say ‘I Do’?”  You give the listener the celebrity couple and the listener has to tell you if they actually got married or are just dating or living together.