Hot List April 30, 2012

White House Correspondents Dinner
Cinco de Mayo
Osama bin Laden
Mel Gibson
Tupac Shakur Hologram
John Edwards Trial
Obama Slow Jams the News
The Avengers
Secret Service Sex Scandal
NBA Playoffs
Mother’s Day
Jessica Simpson
Will and Kate Anniversary
Lindsay Lohan
Kim Kardashian
Nick & Mariah Renew Vows
Dark Shadows
NHL Playoffs

WQYK Will You Go to the Prom With Me?

Dave & VeronicaProm season is upon us.  Here’s a touching break with a listener calling Cledus, Dave, and Veronica on WQYK, Tampa to ask a girl at his school to this year’s prom.  The twist?  They put the guy asking on hold and, in a great moment of unpredictability, call the girl on the other line to get her answer!

Naughty or Not

With the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” all the rage with women, play “Naughty or Not”.  Listeners choose a random page in the book.  You then go to that page and if they’ve chosen a page with naughtiness, they win.  Find an entertaining person (your chief engineer?) in the building to read the naughty passages, with all the dirty words or phrases substituted for with the name of a vegetable!

Hot List April 23, 2012

Secret Service Sex Scandal
NFL Draft
Earth Day
White Sox Perfect Game
Ted Nugent
John Edwards Trial
Robin Gibb
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Mariachi Wake Ups

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner (it’s on a Saturday this year), do some Mariachi Wake Up Calls.  Find a local mariachi band and solicit (via on-air or social media) for moms who are frustrated that their kids can’t seem to get up on time for school.  Show up at a home at 6am (or the time the kid needs to be awake) and wake them with a full mariachi band in their bedroom.  This works best when recorded, edited, and presented as live.  You can do a few the week of the holiday!

KILT Corey’s Dog

Foley & ThunderRaw, brutal, emotional honesty.  That’s what listeners are looking for.  Here’s a recent break by Foley and Thunder, KILT, Houston that lives up to every expectation of exceptionally honest, real content.  The break might be a tad long (it doesn’t feel it), but imagine how listeners are reacting as Corey tells her story.

Fresh’s Train Proposal

Jim & KImYou want to endear yourself to women?  Do a unique on-air marriage proposal.  Jim and Kim on Fresh 102.7, New York City recently had listeners in to hear a private performance by Train.  They had a question-and-answer session and knew their last question would come from a guy who proposed marriage to his girlfriend.  Listen as the room melts with all female listeners falling in love with what just happened on their favorite morning show.

Hot List April 16, 2012

Secret Service Sex Scandal
Gas Prices
Robin Gibb
Midwest Tornadoes
Angelina and Brad
Lionel Richie
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Trayvon Martin
Cory Booker
Best Buy
Facebook and Instagram
War on Women
Kim and Kanye
Tom Petty
Ryan O’Neal
Mike Wallace
Obama on Kanye
TV Land Awards

Does That Make Me a Bad Person?

Someone was telling me they watched a guy exit a Starbucks and, before getting in the car, he put his coffee on the roof, got in, forgetting about the coffee, and drove off, with the coffee spilling everywhere.  They felt bad they didn’t say anything.  The bit is “Does That Make Me a Bad Person?”  Listeners call with similar stories and then ask that question, with you validating that it does not!

Hot List April 9, 2012 REISSUE

The Masters
Tiger Woods
Mike Wallace
Phil Mickelson
Thomas Kinkade
Gas Prices
Trayvon Martin
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