Hot List June 25, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Verdict
Health Care Ruling
July Fourth Holiday
The Bullied Bus Monitor
Ann Curry
Daytime Emmys
Aaron Sorkin
Mary Cheney Marries
Jessica Simpson
Microsoft’s “Surface”
Ted the Movie
Ugly Dog Contest
Kim and Kanye
Justin Bieber
Euro 2012
Katy Perry Movie
Mila Kunis
The Olympics

KMVQ The Public Meltdown

Fernando & GregJustin Bieber goes crazy on a photographer trying to take his picture and you have a tailor-made phone topic about public meltdowns.  Fernando & Greg, 99.7 NOW San Francisco’s morning team, did just that in this easy, yet very well designed segment of radio.  This highlights the value of telling stories.  Listeners calling to tell about the time they lost it in public, with the team laughing along, mining the story for more gold.  In PPM, these segments perform very well because they’re engaging and entertaining.

Summer Camp With the Show

One great relatable from everyone’s summer as a kid is camp.  Now there are a slew of them, and all different kinds.  Ask fellow station employees who have kids going to overnight camp to ask their children call your voicemail each night on their cell phone to list the things they did at camp that day.  Edit together the most interesting/fun things as told to you by the cutest sounding kids.  Air them in packages through the summer that will make every listener feel like they’re twelve years old again!

Hot List June 28, 2012

Father’s Day
Justin Bieber
Chris Brown – Drake Bar Brawl
Jerry Sandusky Trial
Lindsay Lohan
NBA Finals
Rock of Ages
Charlie Sheen
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Healthcare Ruling
Nik Wallenda
Adam Sandler
Tiger Woods
Rodney King
Kris Humphries

KSON’s Report Card

John & TammyOne of the objectives for Reynolds Group shows is to secure an image that the audience feels their favorite morning show is just like them.  Each Monday on John and Tammy, KSON San Diego’s great morning show, we do a feature called “The Report Card”.  Predicated under the belief that the show talks about its spouses as part of our content, we give the spouses equal time to “grade” the co-host they’re married to on how they were as a husband or wife in the previous week.  Here is a terrific example of how we’re positioning John as the typical (good) husband, believing the audience will connect with him more deeply.

I Quit!

How about calling random businesses around the country, introduce yourself to the person answering the phone, and (pretending you are an employee there), quit.  See how the person reacts, maybe they will even feign knowing you even though you say you “work in different departments”.  Remember to not air anyone without their permission!

Hot List June 11, 2012

Father’s Day
The Tonys
America’s Got Talent Vet
Jerry Sandusky Trial
The Zombie Apocalypse
Mr. Roger’s Video
Belmont Stakes
French Open
NBA Finals
Miley Cyrus
Matthew McConaughey
Donald Trump
Miss USA Scandal
Bath Salts
Manny Pacquiao
NHL Stanley Cup
Kim Kardashian
John Travolta
Rielle Hunter
Car Talk
Prince Philip
X Factor
Lindsay Lohan

WWFS The Tanning Lady

Jim & KImQuirky takes on big topics are always remembered.  Several weeks ago, America found out about a woman who spent so much time in a tanning salon (she went several times a day) she altered her skin tone.  So, Jim and Kim on Fresh 102.7, New York City, decided to call a local Sherwin Williams to see if they could color match the woman’s new pigment.  This left-of-center approach made these few minutes really innovative around the big topic, making the listeners want to come back the next day so they don’t miss anything.

Daddy Day Music Lab

For Father’s Day:  “The Daddy Day Music Lab”.  Have a father on with his kid.  You play a hook from a song from the dad’s generation and the kid has to give you title or artist (remember you’re playing the hook so let’s see if the kid is smart enough to just regurgitate it back to you). Do the same with popular songs today to see if the dad knows them.

Hot List June 4, 2012

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Justin Bieber
John Edwards
NYC’s Soda Ban
Jerry Sandusky Trial
Donald Trump
The Tony Awards
Martin Short/Kathie Lee Gifford
NBA Finals
Father’s Day
America’s Got Talent
Facebook Stock
The Miami Cannibal
Lil Wayne
George Zimmerman
Hatfields vs. McCoys
Dallas TV Show
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Queen Latifah
Drew Barrymore
NHL Stanley Cup
Andy Samberg
Terrell Owens
iPhone 5