Hot List Nov 26, 2012

Holiday Travel
Black Friday
Larry Hagman
Cyber Monday
College Football
Lindsay Lohan
New Wii
Wal-Mart Protests
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WBMX Brad Pitt’s “Chanel”

Karson & KennedyWhat to do with the sultry, almost incomprehensible Chanel No. 5 commercial just done by Brad Pitt?  Well, Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston transcribed the script and had people around the building (including some big local stars on their sports station) read (mock) it in their style.  Very funny.

It’s In A Twinkie

There are reportings of Twinkie shortages from coast-to-coast.  Get your hands on some and give them out as Hostess shuts things down.  The game is called “It’s In a Twinkie”.  Grab the list of ingredients of a Twinkie here (there are 37 of them).  You name the preservative.  If the listener correctly guesses whether it’s in an actual Twinkie, they win one of the last ones available.

Pass the Gravy

Need a last minute Thanksgiving Day idea?  “Pass the Gravy” is where you have two teams of two people.  Each team has a balloon filled with gravy.  Much like the egg toss we did as kids, each team “passes” the gravy back and forth.  With each successful toss, you separate them further.  The first team to drop their balloon loses.  Because this is visual, gather a fun crowd to watch and we get to hear their reactions as it unfolds.

WBEB The Bra Fitting

Tiffany & MichaelThe most important thing you can do is personalize a topic.  Doing this defines your character.  Adding in other elements of personalization also gives you more to play with as a break evolves.  Recently, Tiffany Hill from Tiffany and Michael, B101, Philadelphia, realized she never wore the correct bra size.  So we decided to bring in a “bra expert” from a Philly department store who measured three of the most fun people in the building, to see if they wore the right bra size, too.  Inside of this we have unpredictability and the typical male vs. female perspective of things.  Here are the two breaks as they played out over the half hour topic.

Hot List Nov 19, 2012

Black Friday
Breaking Dawn Part 2
General Petraeus
James Bond’s Skyfall
Twilight Shooting Plot
The Fiscal Cliff
College Football
Traveling for the Holidays
Justin and Selena
American Music Awards
Oprah’s Favorite Things
Lindsay Lohan
Pot is Legal
Channing Tatum
Joe Simpson
Guy Fieri

Hot List Nov 12, 2012

Veteran’s Day
Justin-Selena Breakup
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2
James Bond’s “Skyfall”
Obama Reelected
David Patraeus
Black Friday Deals
The Fiscal Cliff
Legalizing Pot
The Voice
College Football
Donald Trump
Joe Simpson
Gay Marriage
iPad Mini
Diane Sawyer
Taylor Swift
New Elvis Footage
Matthew McConaughey

Married, Single, Gay

Every show needs some evergreen games to play.  Ask for three guys to call – you need one married, one single, and one gay guy.  The show gets to ask one question of each guy (not pertaining to their relationship status) and then must figure out which guy is married, which one is single and straight, and who the gay dude is.  If you miss any of them, they each get a prize.

WBMX The Ukulele Girl

Karson & KennedyThere are a lot of marathons in Boston.  Thousands of runners.  Kennedy from Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston runs in most of them.  Great breaks come from personal experiences and interesting angles.  One of them is the weird people who run in these races around Kennedy.  Here’s a break with a gal who runs and plays the ukulele at the same time. They had her on and it was engaging because it was from Kennedy’s personal experience and an interesting angle on the topic.

Facebook Political Friendship

The over-riding vibe is that most people want the election to be over.  It will be this week, when on Wednesday we all go back to our normal lives.  Lots of people have de-friended people on Facebook because they posted so much political stuff.  A smart Wednesday feature is to put someone on with a person they de-friended, explore why, remind them that the presidential race has been decided, and then get them to re-friend each other on Facebook.