Hot List Nov 5, 2012

Electing a President
Hurricane Sandy Cleanup
Daylight Savings Time Ends
NYC Marathon Cancelled
College Football
Taylor Swift
Cee Lo Greene
Star Wars 7
The Voice
Donald Trump
Joe Simpson
iPad Mini
Breaking Dawn Movie
Brad Pitt
George Lucas
Louis CK
Lincoln Movie

WWFS Romantico

Jim & KImA true focus of the Jim and Kim Show on Fresh 102.7, New York is to be very local.  That’s why when there was a big Italian festival in town, they were all over it.  But not in a  way that just promoted it.  They did a fun thing called “Romantico or No Romantico”.  With Italian being a romance language, they had someone from the festival on to talk Italian and they and the listeners had to guess if it was romance talk or if they were saying something much less touching.  Here are a couple of breaks of its execution.