WQYK Valentine’s Day Song

Dave & VeronicaHow better to use as content a guy’s inability to buy anything other than roses and chocolates for his wife on Valentines Day than by doing a custom song from him to her?  Dave and Veronica on WQYK, Tampa invited in couples looking to celebrate the holiday.  We found out lots of personal stuff about the wife from the couple and then did a very custom song as a Valentine’s Day gift.  The break below is a great example of how you do unique and innovative content that is both memorable and cannot be duplicated.

Hot List Feb 25, 2013

The Oscars
Daytona Crash
The Razzies
The Daytona 500
Oscar Pistorius
A New Pope
The Sequester
NCAA Basketball
Kim and Kanye Baby
Spring Training
Michelle Obama Dances
Kelly Clarkson
MC Hammer Arrested
Playstation 4
Lindsay Lohan
Black History Month
Harlem Shake

What Are You Doing In There

Know what would be oddly entertaining?  For each member of the show to record themselves knocking on the bathroom door while a family member is in there and say, “What are you doing in there?”  Record the answers as the other person shouts back at you and play them on the show.

Hot List Feb 18, 2013

The Pope Resigns
The Academy Awards
Oscar Pistorius
Michael Jordan’s 50th
Daytona 500
Robin Roberts
Carnival Cruise Lines
Meteor Hits Russia
NBA All-Star Game
President’s Day
The Harlem Shake
Bruce Willis
College Basketball
Spring Training
Black History Month
American Airlines – US Airways
Chris Brown
LeAnn Rimes
Mariah Carey
Hugh Grant

WNKS “Cassidy Not Invited to the Wedding”

Drex & Maney MorningsWhat radio has over all other forms of media is that it’s personal.  That level of intimacy helps create a bond with the audience that makes them loyal.  Recently, Cassidy, on Drex and Maney, KISS 95.1, Charlotte, admitted to the audience that she was not being invited to the wedding of a close friend.  The honesty and vulnerability of that story defines Cassidy and creates a level of empathy from listeners that is very valuable.  Here are the two breaks they did – one the story, the other listener’s reaction.

That’s How Life Mocks Me

A friend mentioned how he went to get his car serviced one Saturday morning and they offered to detail it for $10 off.  He did it, and then while riding down the highway after it was done, his antenna ripped off in the wind.  So he went to the dealer and bought a new antenna.  The price?  $10!  He then said, “That’s how life mocks me.”  So, here’s a new feature called “That’s How Life Mocks Me” where listeners tell you stories about how they got a good deal, only for it to be negated by what happened to them just after.

Fashionista or Facebook Friend

With Fashion Week going on in New York City, grab a list of fashion designers and some names of people you’re personally friends with on Facebook for a game called “Fashionista or Facebook Friend”.  It’s a fun, character building game you can play where, once you share the name, the listener guesses and you say things like, “He actually designs $1000 handbags,” or “I was buddies with her in fifth grade.” Thanks to Ty Bentli, from Ty Loves New York, NOW 92.3, New York City for this one.

Hot List Feb 11, 2013

The Grammy’s
Northeast Blizzard
State of the Union Speech
Justin Bieber
Chris Brown
Valentine’s Day
Drone Attacks
Spring Training
Post Office Saturday Delivery
Fashion Week
Melissa McCarthy
SI’s Swimsuit Issue
Gisele Bundchen
Bush E-Mail Hacked
Whitney Houston
Westminster Dog Show
Joe Paterno
Robin Roberts
Black History Month
Blackberry 10
Mardis Gras

KFGY “Famous Seconds”

Rob & JossThe morning of the Vice Presidential debate in October, Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA did something very clever.  They gave a political civics quiz to two people who were second-in-command where they worked.  This works because it plays off the theme of the day, uses appropriate trivia, and is done in a way where listeners can play along in their cars on the way to work.

And the Home of the Brave

With Alicia Keys now joining the long list of people who’ve sung the National Anthem at a Super Bowl, you can do “And the Home of the Brave” to celebrate.  You will find at this link the list of artists who’ve done the Anthem at previous Super Bowls (Anita Bryant, Super Bowl 3!!).  Find the audio of three artists on You Tube.  Each of the three sing two words of the last line of the song.  Edit them together.  The first listener to correctly identify all three artists wins.