Hot List June 1, 2015


San Andreas


The Duggars

The Patriot Act

Bruce Jenner

Belmont Stakes

Comedians in Cars

Entourage Movie



Dustin Diamond

Mariah Carey

Beau Biden

NBA Finals

Ben Affleck

Paul McCartney

Dog with Bucket List



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What Was Your GPA

With high school graduations just wrapping up, find your transcripts and share them with the audience, revealing your graduating GPA. Then ask the audience to call with theirs and match it against what they ended up doing for a living.  Are all the 4.0’s the people who have the best jobs?  Here’s the test.

WNOW Rachel is a Kentucky Fan

Kyle & RachelThe one elusive quality that drives near every element of success for an ensemble-driven personality show is chemistry.  Little, if anything, can be faked when presenting real life to the audience, especially in a fun, playful way.  With March Madness in their hometown, Kyle and Rachel, Radio NOW, Indianapolis, easily tapped into the vibe.  Kentucky was in the Final Four and Rachel is a big fan.  Which leads to this audio that communicates the team’s ability to reveal itself and how they play with each other through the break to create humor around the biggest topic in the market that week.  Kyle and Bryan give Rachel the requisite grief, she responds in kind.  This is the kind of vibe the audience wants to be around in the morning.

Hot List May 25, 2015


Memorial Day


Josh Duggar

19 Kids and Counting


Robert DeNiro

Ireland Gay Marriage



Indy 500

Coca Cola 600

Cannes Film Festival

Bristol Palin

Aaron Hernandez

NBA Playoffs

BB King Memorial


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Your Graduation Speech

With all of the country entering high school graduation season, time to test the show’s ability to deliver a short, highly inspirational, fun commencement speech.  Each cast member writes a 60-second speech for graduating seniors.  Take a break or two to read them to the audience.  Then place them all online for the audience to vote who did the best job with those results the very next day on the show.

WGFB Thank You Toys R Us

b103_seanmichelle_500x350There might not be anything more endearing to gain female listeners than putting kids on your show.  Sean and Michelle, B103, Rockford, IL are both family people and believe that part of the audience knowing them is also them getting to know their kids, too.  Sean’s son, Declan, is a very big part of the show.  Declan got a coupon in the mail from Toys R Us.  Here’s a break where Declan talks with his dad about wanting to write them a thank you note for doing this.  Women melt, they connect with the show, you gain very positive family images from a break like this, and listeners come back again to be around that, resulting in more occasions.

KFGY She Went to the Indy 500

Rob & JossYou can tell people about something that happened or you can figure out how to bring them there through first-person storytelling.  Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA work very hard to find people who have in-person experiences with the big stories they’re talking about.  Here is a terrific example of them transporting their audience to last year’s Indy 500.  The listener shared observations and commentary on things she saw, which heightened the entertainment value of the conversation.  Using social media helps make doing this around any topic you’re talking about that much easier.

Who Was That Voicemail For?

Character development is always critical for a show.  The audience getting to know those parts of you they can relate to makes you real and human.  On occasion, play a saved voicemail from the phone of a cast member.  Bleep out the cast member’s name in the message (if there) and play it for the audience, who has to guess who it was left for.

Hot List May 18, 2015


Memorial Day


American Pharaoh

David Letterman

Pitch Perfect 2

Mad Men Finale

Indy 500

Boston Bombing Sentencing



Tom Brady

FAO Schwarz

Janet Jackson

Cannes Film Festival

Mad Max

Johnny Depp’s Dogs

Holyfield vs. Romney

Amtrak Crash


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KS95 Moms Mock Their Kids

Ryan & ShannonWith Mother’s Day just wrapping up, let’s celebrate dear old mom one more time!  Ryan and Shannon, KS95, Minneapolis, got into the topic of moms and the perception of their kids when the offspring aren’t happy.  How they mumble and are dismissive.  Most mothers simply wade through the emotional reactions of their children.  Not Shannon and hers.  Nor the listeners.  In this terrific phone topic, the team invites moms to call and imitate their kid when the kid is angry.  Relatability is the audience understanding you’re just like them and is a critical image to connecting with them.  This segment does exactly that.