92.5 Fox News, Ft. Myers, FL Joe’s Flip Floppy

Very, very few shows can do political humor.  It’s way too touchy for many of us in radio, considering how polarizing it is.  But you can under a couple of conditions:  you’re grounded in politics as your plot or you have been on the air forever and have a deep relationship with the audience who know you very well.  The latter is like the friend you’ve had for a very long time you can talk politics with (few in radio have this level of a relationship).  An example of the former is Daybreak with Drew Steele, 92.5 FOX News, Ft. Myers, FL.  This is the conservative politics station in the market.  It’s in their DNA to do everything political.  And it’s in Drew’s ethos to take the political topics of the day and have fun with them.  Considering Joe Biden is front page news to this audience, and that Drew’s job is to share his perspective in a humorous way, here’s his take on Joe and a parody on how his audience sees the former vice president.