92.9 The Beat My Momma Likes Trump

mcclainchris_500x350Politics is a dicey topic for any morning.  Generally because the tendency is to take a stand, alienating a portion of your audience.  If we remember that the goal is to always create fun from the chosen topic, it gets easier.  Dawn McClain’s mom loves Donald Trump (a Hot List topic for weeks).  The co-host of McClain and Chris, 92.9 The Beat, Springfield, MO is a self-described charter member of the liberal media.  So there’s our conflict.  Dawn’s mom wants her to vote for Trump.  So…without doing politics, they get her on to let her make her pitch.  Because the goal is to have fun (and Dawn’s mother is a character), we define her and fuel how fun the show is).  Political humor is threading a needle on a morning show.  The show does is effortlessly here, without putting off any segment of their fan base.