96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford Does Scott Have the Corona

Doing things in real time is always powerful.  Beloved local weatherman Scott Haney went missing from his TV station in Hartford, CT.  Scott’s the guy you have in your market who’s known and beloved by all.  Christine and Salt, 96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford know Scott, too.  He’s been on their show and helped them with content many times.  Calling Scott offline, they found out that Scott and his doctors feared he was infected with the coronavirus.  Scott was doing the weather from his home, so viewers knew what was going on with him, too (the power of character development and vulnerability – the audience caring about you is amazing).  Scott consented, once the results came in, to reveal them to Christine and Salt’s audience, as well.  A powerful moment and payoff to a narrative that resonated with them.  Hear the reveal below – then find stories happening in real time for your show and bring the audience in, too.