AD and Chris, KSHE, St. Louis with the Stray Rescue Recap

Get involved in life, and find stories for your show.  In the process, show your humanity to connect with the audience.  Such is the case with AD and Chris, KSHE, St. Louis.  AD was out of town with his wife two weeks ago.  While out on a walk from their Airbnb, they found a dog on the highway disheveled, thin, and scared.  Our cause on this show is pets.  AD took to the dog and brought him back to their rental.  He and his wife cleaned up the dog and brought him back to St. Louis and turned him over to one of the many animal shelters we partner with to do our Pet Projects.  This on-going narrative has been content for the show.  Here’s a conversation he had with the shelter to get an update on their efforts to find a forever home for the dog.  Human and real.  You leave with an absolute sense of what AD’s all about as a person.  Show that to your audience and you’ll win.