AMP 103.1 Therapy With Judah

Benchmarks are a critical element of every show for several very important reasons:  they define the show’s sense of humor if done well, they activate another occasion in PPM if done regularly, and they create talk for a program.  Each Thursday, The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston does Therapy with Judah.  Judah is TJ’s young nephew who is quite older than his actual age.  TJ Skypes with the kid and just talks about something in life, looking for natural reactions from him.  The audience adores Judah – in LABs, you can see their positive body language and hear them almost gush over how fun this weekly feature is to hear.  Benchmarks must be grounded in fun and be one-of-a-kind.  That this could never be done by anyone else in the market makes it iconic to TJ’s show, which helps fuel the strategic objectives noted above.  TJ and his team excel at coming up with things other shows can’t because they are so inventive.  For these reasons, TJ has separated this show from everything else in the market, which starts an ascent in ratings.