AMP 103.3, Boston Is Apple Screwing With Us?

Apple releases its new iOS update and anyone with an old phone suffers the same problem:  their phones don’t work as well.  Enter The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston, to address the issue.  TJ believes that Apple is messing with us on purpose – so we’ll all get new phones.  This show has a unique way of expressing what the audience is thinking in a fun way.  Great shows have a good time with whatever the topics of the day are.  With Apple’s release of new phones and a new iOS, TJ delves into the issue in a way generated from his perspective (a great starting point to help define you).  Not only is this content on point (many in the audience is nodding “yea, I think that, too”), but TJ does this in a way that stands out.  Listen for the content, his talk on the topic, and the production value which makes it sparkle.