AMP 103.3, Boston Lotto Man

Most morning shows, when given lottery tickets as giveaways, would groan.  The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston, sees opportunity to have fun.  TJ transforms himself into Lotto Man.  He went out on the street as this character to give tickets to passers-by, really as a mechanism to converse about winning the lottery and create other TJ mayhem.  The beauty of The TJ Show is that they always figure out, regardless of circumstance, how to use what they have to create fun. The standout elements of this break include:  street audio so there is another dimension to engage the audience, TJ plays a short Lotto Man jingle in between approaching people which catches your attention, it’s quirky fun, the lottery was one of the Hot Topics that week, and talking to people on the street makes the show feel like it’s Boston.