B105, Cincinnati Beat the Bear

amandajesse_500x350Fun benchmarks serve two main purposes for a show:  they help develop significant “fun” images.  Shows cannot win if they’re not perceived as fun by their audience.  This is one of the chief reasons listeners turn you on – there is no show that can win without this image.  The other benefit of a terrific benchmark is that it creates an appointment into the show for listeners.  Considering PPM is a game of occasions, unique and fun benchmarks do this for you.  Trivia and games are an easy vehicle to develop into a benchmark because they are vicarious.  But…(important), it’s how you do it that gives you both benefits.  Any TV game show is basically built around trivia.  Its execution is what cannot be duplicated.  At Amanda and Jesse, B105, Cincinnati, we took the typical “name a certain number of items in a category” game and created Beat the Bear, where the caller has to name the category items or…they’ll be mauled by a bear.  Few have survived, which is the hook for the win.  Here is an example of an effective, strategic benchmark.