B105, Cincinnati What Would Scarecrow Do – Dave’s Lost Keys

What happens when you marry something very relatable with something very odd?  Memorable content!  Big Dave from The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati, lost his keys.  He spent days trying to find them in the house.  Listeners attach themselves to the relatable things the talent does – this is why it’s so important to do content that positions you as just like the audience – they wish to be around people just like them.  After several days of not being able to locate the keys, the team decided to ask their favorite listener, Scarecrow, what to do.  Scarecrow comes on each week to solve listener’s problems.  She’s odd (in a good way), fun, and you obviously feel the chemistry between her and the show.  Marry the relatable with the quirkiness of this feature, and you have one more thing this show does that no one can steal, making it a true point of differentiation between them and the rest of the market (you should have many of these).