Brian and Chrissy, WGNA, Albany Where You Should Be With a Big Local Story

Great shows place themselves in the middle of big stories.  If Taylor Swift dating an NFL player is a huge topical story, I’ll always ask what are you doing with it.  Your listeners want to be connected to the stories of the day from your perspective – that helps character development and will always improve your images of being relevant.  Brian and Chrissy, WGNA, Albany have very deep market familiarity.  They’ve been there a long time, know lots of people, and perfectly reflect the vibe of the community.  When a young local girl was kidnapped, they were all over the story.  When she was rescued, they inserted themselves in the story by finding her aunt and having her on so she could answer the questions they were curious about.  Where other shows in town might have chatted about it, run TV audio, or (worse) done something more evergreen, these guys did the hard work of finding a relative who was impacted by the all of it and getting her on to tell the story.  This so resonated, it was part of the story on ABC World News Tonight.  If you’re a local show, be a local show like this!