Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto with Break Brent’s Brains

Benchmarks are even more effective when they define a cast member on the show.  If the reason for the feature goes to a core attribute of the personality, it helps that talent secure a position in the mind of the listener.  Like:  “she’s the mom” or “he love dogs.”  Look at Carpool Karaoke as an example.  James Corden is a singer and theatrical performer at heart.  So it makes sense for him, being a fan of music, to invite celebrities in the car to sing along with their tunes.  Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto, came up with a new way to give out prizes.  Brent has a fascination for quirky facts.  Marry that to the belief that everyone knows one and here comes Break Brent’s Brain.  Listeners call with their fact.  The one that Brent is most wowed by wins the prize.