Jim Ryan, SVP Programming, Entercom

“Steve is the best at defining roles, plot, and direction of a show. I only wish I met Steve 15 years earlier, I would have had so many more programming success stories! And he’s f$%*ing funny.”

TJ Taormina, AMP 103.3, Boston

“Whether you’re new to the industry or have been in it for many years, I believe having a great consultant is a huge asset to have on your team. Steve Reynolds has been a fantastic resource for my show. He has a keen ability to see that every show has a unique path and there isn’t one formula that works for everyone. He takes the time to learn about the individual people on a show and develops a strategy for success that uniquely fits them. Steve has shared many techniques with us that we consistently use on a daily basis. He has compelling angles on content and is a valuable contributor to the show. He’s honest, encouraging, and a pleasure to work with!”

Jeff Garcia, Executive Producer, The Cruz Show, Power 106, Los Angeles

“Steve does an amazing job making our show THINK; smartly, creatively and differently. Every time we talk to Steve, we grow as a show.”

Ramblin’ Ray, WLS, Chicago

“You know that feeling you have when you’re released from prison and everything is new. A fresh start, a new beginning, and a monitoring bracelet should you mess up?

The Steve Reynolds experience is the same way only different. He will unlock you from tired old thinking, and break your show out to a whole new world. And PD’s… he will make you look like a hero! Hire him before your competition does!

Just when you think everything in radio has been done, in walks Steve and makes you feel like you just took your first breath. He will make you feel like a kid again. He will leave you and your show wanting him in every meeting. And he will leave you and your co-workers asking, why didn’t I think of that. Yes…. he’s that good!”

Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati

“If there were Radio Jedi, Steve would be the Force! He helped us break tired old routines and retrained our minds to think differently about the way we approach things on the air. From simple suggestions to great ideas, Steve has helped our show, as well as our individual personalities, blossom and become more personable to the audience.”

Jay Cresswell, KLUV, Dallas

“Our morning show meets every day after the show. The highlight is when we have Steve Reynolds’ weekly call. There is nothing like his ‘outsider’s view’ and fresh ideas – all while helping us cement our brand and morning show characters.”

Grover Collins, B105, Cincinnati

“Steve has a great way of gaining the trust of our air talent so they will be more willing to leave their ‘comfort zone’ and try new things which ultimately leads them to become better on air personalities.

I know that Steve really cares about not only my talent but the entire station… I know he really wants to make a difference.”

Steve Tingle, 97.1 The Drive, Chicago

“Steve Reynolds makes a show better….plain and simple. Just when you’re wondering what to do with a topic, there he is with a two handfuls of next level execution ideas. He’s like having another producer at all times constantly feeding a show with a buffet of ideas for glutinous consumption!”

John Flint, KSON, San Diego

“Brilliant? Check. Hilarious? Yup. Brutally honest yet compassionate and kind? Yes and yes. Steve Reynolds is not only the Best Talent Coach in radio, but has become a close friend. He knows what it takes to be a Major Air Talent because he was a Major Air Talent, who decided to share his knowledge with us schlubs. I’m pretty sure I’d get hit by a bus, if Steve Reynolds asked me to.”

Edgar Preciado, Power 106, Los Angeles

“Steve has helped find what works and makes it work even better! You’ll never trust someone faster than this guy. Sold!!”