CBS-FM, New York Scott Shannon is Confused by Lettuce

Real life is really funny.  Relatable stories are fun to hear.  That’s proven in this clip from the legendary Scott Shannon, CBS-FM, New York City.  Scott knows he’s perceived as a star by the audience (he earned his way there by connecting with and entertaining the audience over the years).  That’s why this break about Scott going to lunch is so humorous.  Admitting he’s hungry, Scott finds a new restaurant in town which is “just like Chipolte” where you have to get on line and choose the items you want in the meal.  Here’s where the fun happens as Scott admits confusion to knowing what all those items are.  He said he had to choose between six lettuces – and didn’t even know there were six lettuces.  The whole break has wonderful details that paint a great picture and reminds the audience that, while Scott is a star, he’s actually a regular guy like you and me.  Don’t underestimate the power of a story like this to grab the audience.