Chris and the Crew, WPST, Trenton, NJ Joe’s Pizza Easter Egg

You know what’s wonderful?  When a show preps so hard that breaks are mapped out.  Conversation on a show, especially around real life content, is good.  But chit chat without a purpose or destination can backfire on any show, accruing them a “talks too much” image.  Chris and the Crew, WPST, Trenton, NJ know the value of game plans.  Joe on the show bought a pizza for lunch and accidentally dropped it on floor at the radio station.  Did he pick it up and eat it?  That was the hook to get you through this week’s posted audio.  Listen to the design of this simple break.  They grab me with the question if Joe still ate the pizza.  There’s a caller quickly inside the break to stimulate that question.  They then place an Easter egg in the break (an unexpected moment) to add to the humor.  Before they engage people through their app and reveal what Joe did.  All the way around, this is an A+ break for content and execution.