Chris and the Crew, WPST, Trenton, NJ with the Carrot Snap Controversy

The moral of this story is that silly and frivolous wins.  In a world of seemingly always weighty topics, the sillier you are, the more the topic is retained sometimes.  Enter Chris and the Crew, WPST, Trenton, NJ.  Have you ever been to a grocery store and broken off part of a package of things because you didn’t need all of it?  Some stores let you do that.  Here’s the dumbest.  A person who can’t afford a full carrot in the produce aisle, so they break it in half.  Is that okay to do?  Chris, Gianna, and Joe chat about it with wildly opposing opinions (good) and then ask the audience to chime in (very good).  Here’s the set-up break along with phone calls.