Dave Coombs, WLZX, Springfield, MA/WKLH, Milwaukee Fun with AI

My friend Dave Coombs, WLZX, Springfield, MA and WKLH, Milwaukee is an innovative spirit.  Dave has this wonderful ability to both identify the big topics around him (those things most of his audience is aware of) and match them with his sense of humor, to create a break no one else could do.  The way you stand out is by choosing familiar topics for your show, then doing something with those topics no one else thinks of.  Dave knows use of AI is everywhere.  So he got AI to replicate the voices of celebrities to create this fun break that made for lots of laughter in the room.  The only sustainable advantage you’ll ever have over your competitor is to out-innovate them.  This isn’t a typical radio “bit” because it came Dave’s quirky sense of humor.